"I have had my portrait painted numerous times but never has my likeness been captured so well. I truly see myself in Dale's work." Susie Porter


"Dale has captured something intangible and it shines out. It really is me. What a strange feeling to stare at myself." Jane Fewson. "Honestly, you have done so much more than capture her likeness - her personality is there as well!" Hannah Fewson. "MUMMY!" Holly Fewson


"When Dale presented the final piece I had a huge rush of emotion. Here I was looking at myself. Me. I knew that this painting captured the real me. I hold the portrait with great pride and protectiveness and always show any friends who happen to visit and invariably the quote is, 'jeez, he got you there mate'. So thank you Dale for capturing me, from a very proud owner." Fran

Michael - detail

Michael - detail

"No one could decide what to buy me for my 60 th birthday present until my partner came up with the idea of having my portrait painted. He looked around at various portrait painters and selected Dale Rhodes. The whole experience for me was very interesting. The painting now hangs at the top of the stairs. I absolutely love
it and everyone says that it captures something of my essence." Michael Podles


I love painting portraits and will never tire of that magical moment when the canvas comes to life and it feels as though the person has arrived and is there with me in the studio. When doing portrait commissions I usually work from a combination of live sittings and photographs. Typically a sitting lasts a few hours during which I do drawings and take photos. Sittings can be in my studio in the Northern Rivers or elsewhere such as your favourite place.

For those with an interest in art history I love Eric Fischl's idea that every painting is a collaboration between the painter and all those who have come before. I love so many painters but draw particular inspiration from Lucien Freud, Arikha, Richter, Bourgereaux, Vermeer, Ingres, Degas, Courbet, Velasquez, Rembrandt, Velasquez. Not to mention Rafael, Van Den Velde, Tiepolo, Prud'hon - the list is too long... 

Prices (based on a single figure and simple background, excluding travel and shipment)

Head and shoulders, around 60cm by 45cm     $3,500

Half body, around 90cm by 75cm                        $5,000  

Three quarters, around 120cm by 90cm             $7,000

Full length, around 180cm by 120cm                   $9,000

I also do landscape or still life commissions (example below). If you have an idea of a painting you would like it's always worth a chat. Sometimes those conversations lead to unexpected and wonderful outcomes.


"My painting made me cry." Chris